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World for Architectural Modernism & Practice

We are WAMP Architects, your premier destination for Best Architectural and Interior design services. Headquartered in Karaikudi, and proudly serving all over Tamilnadu & Bangalore, our firm specializes in the dynamic fields of residential and commercial architecture, offering innovative solutions to transform spaces.

Our proficiency extends seamlessly across both architectural and interior design domains, ensuring a holistic approach to your projects. At WAMP Architects, we prioritize excellence, seamlessly integrating Modern Design innovation with the latest Architectural methodologies. From residential wonders to commercial marvels, we meticulously consider practical aspects such as construction logistics and adherence to building regulations.

At the heart of our philosophy is a profound appreciation for experimentation, the essential catalyst propelling progress and evolution in modernism within the field of architecture. In alignment with this guiding principle, we have named and established the firm "World for Architectural Modernism & Practice." Here, groundbreaking modern architectural concepts come to life through research and exploration, dynamically responding to the ever-evolving socio-economic, political, and cultural landscape of the contemporary world.



Our firm provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your architectural and design needs. From conceptualizing and designing spaces to planning and landscape design, we offer a range of expert solutions to ensure that your project is delivered with precision and excellence.

Crafting Inspiring Spaces

Our Comprehensive Architectural Solutions for Residential and Commercial Projects

Elevate Your Space

Our Premium Interior Design Services for Residential and Commercial Projects

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Our Bespoke Landscape Design Services for Residential and Commercial Projects

As a Proud founder of architectural and interior design excellence in Karaikudi, We are excited to expand our service areas to include new regions. Alongside our established presence in Karaikudi, we are eager to broaden our service locations to include Chennai, Bangalore, Trichy, Madurai, Pudukkottai, and Devakottai. With this expansion, we continue our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional architectural and interior design solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of each location. From residential to commercial ventures, our skilled team of architects and designers stands ready to bring innovative design concepts to life.We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with clients in these new regions, helping to turn their architectural and interior design aspirations into tangible, awe-inspiring spaces.


WAMP stands as a versatile multi-disciplinary design firm, with its roots firmly established in Karaikudi and extending its services to Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Pudukkottai, and Devakottai. Our firm specializes in the fields of architecture and interior design, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. At WAMP, our team is composed of seasoned professionals including skilled architects, civil engineers, structural engineers, landscape consultants, MEP consultants, and lighting consultants. Each member of our team brings their expertise and creativity to the table, ensuring that every project we undertake is approached with precision and innovation.

As young and innovative architects based in Karaikudi, WAMP's philosophy centers on close collaboration with clients and a solutions-oriented approach to design challenges. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that meet both functional and aesthetic desires, while empowering clients to make informed decisions throughout the process. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of projects, from dream homes for individuals and families to corporate spaces for businesses. We believe every client deserves access to personalized and high-quality design services, regardless of background or budget. While prioritizing client satisfaction, we also recognize the broader social, environmental, and economic implications of architecture. Approaching each project with a holistic perspective, we consider factors such as sustainability, accessibility, and community impact. Our mission is to democratize architecture by making our services accessible to a wider audience. Through fostering collaboration and empowering clients to take an active role in the design process, we aim to create spaces that not only meet individual needs and desires but also contribute to a more equitable and sustainable built environment. Committed to staying at the forefront of innovation, we eagerly anticipate partnering with clients who share our passion for design excellence and social responsibility. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, WAMP has established itself as a trusted partner for clients seeking top-tier design solutions. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project and bring your vision to life.

About Principal Architect

Ar. K. Sabharinath B.Arch

In the heart of the culturally and architecturally rich town of Karaikudi, a young dreamer began his journey. Fascinated by the intricate designs and structures surrounding him, he pursued his Bachelor's in Architecture at a prestigious college in Chennai, affiliated with Anna University.Eager to explore further into the world of architecture, he started an internship in Chennai, under the guidance of Archifracts Design Studio. Immersed in the vibrant cityscape, he sharpened his skills and gained invaluable experience for a year. Following his graduation, he entered the professional world, starting as a junior architect at Ostraca in Bangalore. Here, in the middle of the city's activity and energy, he further refined his craft, learning from seasoned professionals and contributing to various projects over the span of two years.​ But the young architect's ambitions didn't stop there. Driven by a desire to carve his own path, he took a leap of faith and founded his own firm for architecture and interior design. Thus, WAMP - World for Architectural Modernism & Practice was born.​ Under the visionary leadership of Ar. K. Sabharinath, WAMP embarked on an exciting journey of architectural and interior exploration. And so, the stage was set for a remarkable adventure filled with creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of design excellence.

Principal Architect

Voices of Satisfaction
What Our Clients Say

I recently had the pleasure of working with Wamp Architects for a complete interior design of my home in Bangalore, and the experience was amazing. From the initial consultation to the final design, every step of the process was handled with utmost professionalism and creativity. The Architect Sabharinath took the time to listen to my preferences, incorporating them seamlessly into the overall design concept and also offered valuable suggestions which enhanced the final result.

Communication throughout the project was excellent. This transparency helped to build trust and ensured final outcome which exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend WAMP Architects to anyone looking for a professional and creative interior design partner.

Thank you so much WAMP Architects you truly brought the design to life !!!!

Urban Vista Bangalore ~ Dinesh Kumar


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